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Shabby Road Studios (2008)

Not To Shabby (2009)

Copyright * 2009

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shabby road studios


Shabby Road Studios is a working studio, not a band. We are songwriters, engineers, producers, and musicians who come together and produce great work. Based on Alan King, Craig Chabot, and Jason White, we have been writing these songs for about seven years now. We love the collaborative process of making music, minus the egos. Our music includes a unique blend of rock, country, and contemporary styling's, or genres.

piano, organ, synths, vocals, Alan King drums, programmed drums, percussion, Craig Chabot guitars, Steve Hart, Rich Baby guitar, bass, vocals, Jason White bass, Tom Davis, Buzzy Bardy vocals, Mark Levesque vocals, Pete Ripoldi graphic design, L. Danforth Produced by C. Chabot, A. King Engineered by C. Chabot




Completed Albums

Shabby Road Studios(2008)

Only Tears Can Bring A Dreamer Back To Earth
Party Up
Silly Request
I Cried For You
Find Someone To Love
Venomous Touch
Bloomfield Bar & Grill
You Were In My Thoughts Today
Two Thoughts

Not To Shabby(2009)

Copyright * 2009

another time   (preferred)   Download
Take It To The River   Download
See How We Are   Download
Party Up   Download
Now You've Gone and Done It   Download
Someone To Love   Download
Lilac Kate   Download
I Cried For You   Download
Don't Give Up   Download